Randi Relander (Project Manager)

Randi Relander is a Project Engineer for a leading manufacturer of motion controls, drives, and motors. He has been working in the field of embedded motion control for 20 years and is presently developing firmware for a new line of high-performance motion control systems. Randi has a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of North Dakota, Grand Forks and an MS in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. He may be reached at

Jelle Mulder (All-Hands Person)

Jelle Mulder has had a rather diverse career as publisher, graphics designer and IT troubleshooter, it's not easy to put a finger on his skills. He is a generalist that tends to easily add skills to his list if bothered, with a keen interest in human psychology and advertisement. A historian by education and graphics designer by heart, he has been a troubleshooter in IT for 8 years as well. He started on a C64 and has an IT heritage that stretches from the PDP-11 to the latest PC. Micro, Mini, Super, he has seen them all.

Olaf Kleist (All-Hands Person)

Olaf Kleist is an expert in strategy games of all kinds, mostly miltary. He has made maps for almost any RTS that had an editor and has seen almost every GUI since dune2. He has developed AI scripts and modded games with everything he could get his hands on. Olaf keeps hardware and networks running as a profession. In his spare time, he makes music and is able to multitrack. He has a drawer full of game concepts and an even larger collection of abandonware. He will be contributing to our battle systems, tech trees, and economy models.